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Momentum Summer Dance Intensives 2024 

Be a part of Momentum's renown dance training! Widely known in Capitol Hill and throughout DC, the Momentum model gives your student solid, serious dance training from beginner to advanced in a small, nurturing community.  We specialize in recognizing the individual abilities of each young dancer while giving them solid technical training, all in a fun, supportive environment. Young dancers train with some of DC's best, most experienced dance teachers, learn choreography, study jazz, hip hop, ballet and contemporary. DIJ and DIS camps culminate in studio performances.  

Camps may include a trip to a local pool, weather permitting.

Registration Now Open.  Space is limited to 10 kids per session   Boys & Girls ages 7 to 15  

Dance Intensive  1
June 24-29
Age range 7-13

Unplugged Elsie Arabesque better copy-12

Dance Intensive  2
July 8-12 
Age range: 8-13

Each Dance Intensive has  a two track training model explained below
occurring during the same camp for students at various levels in their skill and training. 
Track/Level 1: Beginner-Beginner 2 

Track/Level 2 Adv Beg-Intermediate   Age range 7-13

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Dance Intensive:  $400 per week

Aftercare 4-5:15pm $100 per week

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How it works:
Each Dance Intensive runs on two tracks corresponding to levels listed below.  Both tracks occur during the same camp so we can accommodate beginners through intermediates in the same camp. 

Beginner-Beg 2 track (no formal training-1year formal training) and
Advanced Beginner/intermediate track (at least 2 years of formal training).

Each day starts with warm up for both tracks together. Then the tracks separate by for morning classes, choreography and coaching. Both tracks join for lunch and quiet time. Afternoon classes are separated by track level again. We finish the day all together.

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JHHA/Dance Intensive Registration Form
Pre registration form

If interested, please fill out and send us preregistration form or contact us:

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Faculty member Devon "Steeltoe" Wallace

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