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Momentum is thrilled to present Year Three of our 
original holiday show:

The NutcracKer's Guide to Getting UnPlugged

The holiday tradition gets a complete overhaul in our unique dance theater show! See how 3 teens with mental health challenges who just can't get off their devices learn to unplug and reconnect with wonder and the offline world. Who better to steer this transformation than the NutcracKer! He is our narrator, whose mission is to guide the kids through their unplugging journey. Go with them as they learn to confront their fears, discover their strengths and support each other. 
As with all of Momentum's shows, dance is at the heart of the story. NGGU features hip hop, jazz, contemporary, ballet and street dance with all kinds of musical styles, some of the best professional dancers in the DMV and all the
 students in our
Jazz Hip Hop Academy (c). 
Join us for a brand new 

holiday tradition:

the NutcracKer's Guide to Getting UnPlugged!

Saturday December 16 at  3p

Saturday Dec 16 at  7:30P 

Sunday December 17 at  3p

@GALA Hispanic Theatre
3333 14th St NW

Columbia Heights, Washington DC.

Tickets on sale now!

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Devon "Steeltoe" Wallace, dancer & choreographer from NGGU 2021

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